September 28, 2021
The Voice of the Manor
Summer 2021
Dear Homeowner,
Summer has officially arrived!  The Summer Solstice was June 20th and we are in full vacation mode at Montauk Manor. The grounds are beautiful with a myriad of wildflower themed blossoms.  The many large concrete flower pots are highlighted this year with multi-colored Climbing Mandevilla plants.  In years past we kicked off the season with a homeowners meeting, election, BBQ and wine tasting party.  As reported in the Spring Castlegram, because of the current uncertainty about what types of gatherings and activities are safe, the Board of Managers has postponed our meeting, election and party until the Halloween weekend.  Invitations will be mailed to all homeowners in September.
The Board met most recently on June 10th. We voted to keep the current COVID protocols in place for the time being until there is agreement among the medical experts as to what “relaxation of restrictions” would be safe for our homeowners and guests.  Also, at the June 10th Board Meeting the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1st was presented.  We are very pleased to announce that in this time of rising inflation we were able to keep the increase in common charges to 1%.  Many thanks to our Budget Director, Board Member William Skody.
The Board of Managers has been meeting regularly by conference call throughout the pandemic. There has been no interruption in the administration of Montauk Manor.  Approved minutes of all Board Meetings are available to homeowners on the official Montauk Manor website.  Just go to the homeowner login at the bottom of the home page.  The super-secret encrypted password is MANOR.
Homeowners who are in the Rental Program know that rental income has been very good. Pre-COVID 2019 was a record year and we are surpassing that so far this budget year with another record year in sight.  Many factors such as flight from the city and vacationing close to home are responsible for this trend.  Vacationers visited The Manor for their first time and discovered what a gem our “Castle on the Hill” really is.  In addition, this is the first time that anyone can remember that there are no condominium units for sale.  Units have been selling at record prices and there is a waiting list.  Congratulations to our Management, Hospitality and Housekeeping Staff, Board of Managers, and Rental Committee, all of whom maintain Montauk Manor as the one of a kind, premier resort on Long Island.
We would like to announce Jessica Castro as our new Comptroller.  Jessica has “hit the ground running” and we are happy to welcome her into our Montauk Manor “family.” We wish Galina Kaloyanova, our Comptroller for many years, good luck.  Galina has taken a position closer to her home.
Restoration of the building’s exterior has been halted for the summer season and will be completed this Fall.  The roof is being restored to look like it’s original gray slate from when Montauk Manor was built during the “roaring twenties.”  The new slate is the same look but of modern maintenance-free material.  You can see some of it where they started on the northwest corner.  Our gratitude to Board Vice President and Director of Construction, Don Kershan, and Rental Committee Member Nick Ceo who spent countless hours at The Manor this Winter overseeing this massive restoration project.
The restaurant is now open daily and offers traditional breakfasts plus a dinner menu of interesting dishes focusing on local seafood.  Guests can dine on the outdoor patio, the main dining room or at the fireside cocktail lounge in the lobby.  The Montauk Manor staff and Board Members look forward to seeing you at The Manor this Summer.
Best Wishes and Stay Well!
The Board of Managers

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