August 27, 2018
The Voice of the Manor
Summer 2018

Dear Homeowner:

Summer has arrived and the Manor has been busy with the season in full swing.  Everyone is dealing with the intense heat and humidity of summer.

Please find the Homeowner minutes from the Annual Homeowners meeting of June 24th, 2017, which were approved by the Homeowners at the Homeowners Meeting on June 23rd, 2018 on the Manor’s website.

The Budget for the Condominium was reviewed in a line-by-line format and approved.  The budget this year includes an increase of only 1.77% with a 3.5 month assessment.

The Annual Board of Managers election was held June 23rd with three candidates running for the three open Board positions.  The results of the election were that the three incumbent Board members were re-elected to the Board: Lou Federico, Herman Hochberg and Claire Ratusch. Each of these members will serve for a two-year term.

The officers gave their full reports starting with the President, Lou Federico, asking the new homeowners to introduce themselves and also gave an overview of the Manor’s current affairs followed by Don Kershan, on the status of the phyical plant and construction.  The renovation aove the vent room (phase 1) has been completed and the scaffolding is finally removed.  The plan is to continue with repairs to the adjacent units beginning November.

The Northwest wing, interior courtyard side, is completed with bricks being pointed, new fiberglass pedestals installed to replace the old deteriorated ones, and new fiberglass coping.  Treasurer, Herman Hochberg, gave a financial update, and Don Kershan gave a Rental Update reminding everyone that the 5-year plan is coming to an end December 2018 and that all upgrades and renovations are required to be completed to remain in the regular rental rotation.

The Board met following the Annual Homeowners Meeting and officers were elected.

The Board has responded to Homeowners concerns regarding the high cost of credit card fees by offering a new method of paying common charges through ACH Payments directly from your designated bank account. We encourage all homeowners currently paying by credit card to switch to ACH payments as there is no fee.  If you continue to pay your common charges by credit card you will be charged a fee of 3%. For more information or to change to this cost-free payment method, please contact our Controller, Galina Kaloyanova by e-mail or by phone (631) 668-4400 x 251.

On Friday, July 6thth, the Manor was struck by lightning, never a dull moment.  Luckily no one was in the unit closest to the impact which was Unit 420, and no one was impacted by the lighting strike.  Janice is currently working with Chubb to schedule the needed repairs as well as settling the insurance claim.  This is why having good insurance coverage is crucial.  Let’s hope this is a once in a lifetime incident.

Also as a courtesy reminder, the Board would like to remind all homeowners that your pet must be leashed at all times and to kindly clean up after your pet.  Also that it is against House Rules and Regulations to feed animals and birds on your balcony, terrace or patio at all times.

We also had the Annual Homeowners Wine Tasting on Saturday, June 23rd hosted by Joe Forgione and Hors Doeuvres provided by Lessing’s.  A good time was had by all.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and we hope to see you at the Manor enjoying our beautiful property.

Dates to Remember:

Board of Managers Meeting
September 8th, 2018
Montauk Manor


Board of Managers


Cc: Janice Nessel, General Manager
Galina Kaloyanova


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