April 22, 2020


The Voice of the Manor

March 2020

Dear Homeowners,
A few weeks ago our Rental Committee inspected all units in the Rental Program in anticipation of one of the best summer seasons ever.  Our economy was good and most families had money to spend on vacations.  As you know, all that has changed.  Life in America and throughout the world continues to change dramatically each day.  You are receiving this communication to let you know the current status of Montauk Manor and the rental program as a result of the Coronavirus and the precautions required.

New York State has issued mandates with respect to the requirement for all non-essential workers in non-essential industries to work from home.  While most of our workers are exempt as they are in the “essential” categories based on the guidelines published, we as a Board made a decision, that in the interests of the safety and well-being of our homeowners and staff, to cease accepting rental reservations at this time.  We are also requiring any guests to leave at the end of their original reservation period (no extensions will be given).  You should note, we were required to shut our gym earlier this week due to NY State directives as well.  We also closed the pool.  According to the latest information available, just one contagious person, using the elevator, sitting in the lobby, speaking with the staff, etc., could easily and quickly spread the virus.  While we understand the decision to cease accepting reservations at this time will have a financial impact on the owners in the rental program, we also believe it is in the best interests of the health, welfare, and safety of all homeowners.  We are confident you will agree.

Note, of course, you can use your own unit.  However, please comply with the NYS mandates and try to limit any travel to non-essential travel. In addition, if you have the Coronavirus,  have symptoms of the Coronavirus, or came into contact with someone who has the Coronavirus or has symptoms of the Coronavirus, please do not come to the Montauk Manor.  If you are already here and either have the Coronavirus or came into contact with someone who has the Coronavirus, please notify Janice Nessel and self-quarantine inside your unit.   In the meantime, we are having our staff do as much extra cleaning as possible and taking as many precautions as possible to keep the Montauk Manor as clean as possible.  However, you should also continue to clean and wash your hands frequently and follow the CDC protocols.

If you are here at the Manor or do come to the Manor, you should know there is currently limited availability of food on the East End.  Many summer residents have been opening up their summer homes early and over-stocking large freezers.  In addition, many restaurants were already closed for the season.

We will update you on any changes.
We wish you good health and we all look forward to better days to come.


The Board of Managers
Lou Federico, President


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