September 28, 2021
The Voice of the Manor
Spring 2021

Dear Homeowner,

Each year Spring is heralded at The Manor by the majestic canopy of cherry blossoms over our main entrance and a myriad of new blossoms in the courtyard. This year, more guests than ever before are here enjoying it.  Now that many office workers and school children are doing their work from home, some have chosen that “home” to be in the safety and grandeur of Montauk Manor.  Janice Nessel, our General Manager, and her staff continue to diligently implement all safety protocols and maintain an environment where homeowners and guests can feel secure while enjoying “the good life” at The Manor.

The new, expanded “Hilltop Restaurant” is open. They offer an American fare with an emphasis on local seafood.  There is now a full-service fireside cocktail lounge in the lobby area adjacent to the restaurant.

The painting and refurbishing of the building exterior is almost complete. Work on the west side will end in May and be completed this Fall.  Our recently resurfaced tennis courts are in use, and the outdoor pool is scheduled to open May 14th.  We are moving into full “vacation mode” for the Summer season.  Since the last Castlegram, the Board of Managers has had conference call meetings on December 5th, January 23rd, and April 10th.  The Board is always working to make certain that our “castle on the hill” remains the premier resort condominium on Long Island.  Approved minutes of all Board meetings can be found on the Montauk Manor website.

Although America is slowly “opening up” again, the COVID-19 threat remains with us and large gatherings are still unwise.  Consequently, The Board has rescheduled the Annual Homeowners Meeting from the traditional June date to October 30th.  At that time, we will have the Homeowners Meeting and Board elections.  In the evening there will be a Halloween Party catered by The Hilltop Restaurant, and wine-tasting with fine wines provided by Board member Herman Hochberg.  You will receive an official invitation and full description of activities in September.

We hope you will be able to enjoy time at The Manor this Summer and that we will all be together again at Halloween.

Wishing you good health and a great Summer,

The Board of Managers



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